Sunday, April 17, 2011

You've got to be kidding . . .

So, I had 3 partial skeins of TOFUtsies in coordinating colors that I wanted to make into some stripey socks, and just to make it more interesting, I decided to do it on a 9" circular needle:

Sock on Hiya Hiya 9" circular


I have biggish hands for a lady, so this is pretty awkward for me.  It is getting a little easier as I go along, and I'm really happy with the colors:

In unrelated news. how do you like my nails?

China Glaze Below Deck (Spring 2011, Anchors Away collection)
China Glaze Admire (Romantique collection)
Bundle Monster plate BM20

We've had a difference of opinion around here regarding the design . . .  My mom (who is visiting this week!) thought it looked like balloons, and once I got it on my nails, I thought it looked like little circuit boards.  So when Hubby came home, we asked him what he thought it looked like.  His reply? . . .



  1. lol'ing so hard at hubby's response. I really like the design.

  2. Thanks! Hubby is in medicine, so he tends to see things through that viewpoint! Still, it was pretty funny!

  3. hahahahaha. I think hubby might be right!

  4. Oh no! Can't use this design again!

  5. Boys will be boys! I think it looks like a type of sprout or radish...or balloons!


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