Friday, April 8, 2011


It's been so grey here in Chicago, I felt the need to brighten things up a bit by starting another new project, this time in a happy orange shade called Mandarine:

Neutral Tailoring 1, by Sarah Hatton
Rowan Studio issue 9

The yarn is Rowan Calmer, one of my favorites.  It's a blend of cotton and a stretch polyester, so it has a lot of bounce - a real pleasure to knit with.  This is one of the colors I got last month.  I think this cute little double-breasted jacket will go with a lot of my skirts and dresses.


  1. Hiya! Looks like orage is the new least to cheer you through early spring :) xxox

  2. I have this too in my stash, it looks like sherbet. I look forward to seeing your finished jacket.

  3. Yarn Poet: Yellow is still yellow - I'm saving it because it's my favorite and I want it to have the perfect project!

    Kristen: I like this color a lot more than I thought I would :-) Even thinking about getting some more!


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