Thursday, April 14, 2011

A couple that didn't make the cut

Chanel is coming out with a new polish this summer that has me intrigued:  Mimosa. But not intrigued enough to shell out fifty smackeroos.  So I decided to try to dupe it myself:

Imitation Chanel

I think it is probably slightly darker than the real deal, but it's very unlikely I will ever be able to confirm this.  I was pretty happy with it though.  

I used two coats of an old China Glaze polish I had from several years ago, Yell-O-Neil, from the Surf collection.  The label sticker is gone from the bottle, but I'm pretty sure it was pre-3Free formula.  It was very thin and had that smell I just can't stand (but not as bad as the Black Label OPI polishes).  I got away with two coats because I was putting China Glaze White Cap over it; if I'd wanted to wear this alone, I would have needed 3.  I did two coats of the White Cap, topped with China Glaze Fast Forward top coat.

Of course, I was bored with it by the next day.  Also, I cleaned two bathrooms and destroyed it.  So I replaced it with this:

Zoya Melodie

I bought this polish last fall shortly after I first discovered Zoya, but then never wore it.  My mother-in-law did wear it though when she visited at Thanksgiving, and I wasn't too impressed.  In the bottle, you see tons of very fine silver glitter, suspended in a pink/brown nude polish.  The glitter is also very evident while the polish is wet.  But once it dries, it's only (disappointingly) visible under bright light. Still, I really loved this with my skin tone.  It gave me the coveted "mannequin hands" - a look I really like.  And of course, it applied like a dream. 

I have a similar Zoya color, Gigi, which is a very light, semi-sheer pink with the same fine silver glitter.  Also not very evident once the polish is dry.  I've found that layering on one coat of CND Sparkling Silver Effect gives them a little boost though.

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