Thursday, April 7, 2011

Denim & Jewel

Well, I've finished the Denim sweater.  Things didn't go exactly as planned.  I tried to do the embroidery, but just couldn't get it to look right, so that part is on hold indefinitely.  Also, although I checked my gauge, the sleeves came out about 3" too long.  Otherwise the fit is OK, I just feel I'm a little old to rock the waif look.  Oh well.  Here she is all folded up, waiting for me to spiff myself up a little and do a photo shoot.  Or not . . .

Vintage, by Kim Hargreaves

After I'd finished all the pieces, but hadn't yet washed them and sewn the thing together, I started yet another Kim Hargreaves sweater.  This one is Jewel, from her book Amber.  I'm doing it in the recommended yarn, RYC Bamboo Soft.  I really love this yarn, and have knit several projects from it, but I know a lot of folks don't care for it because it tends to stretch out after a few wearings.  I compensate for this by knitting the size smaller than I normally would.  This works for me because I tend to fall right in between XS and S in terms of measurements.  Another reason the stretching out doesn't bother me too much is that I tend not to wear the sweaters I knit a whole lot.  I knit so many sweaters that I have a lot to choose from, and I also tend to save them for going out, i.e. I don't usually wear them around the house.  And when I'm wearing something I've made out of bamboo, I tend to be extra careful with it.

So here's what I'm working on now:

Jewel, by Kim Hargreaves

There are two versions of this sweater, one with flutter sleeves and one with three quarter sleeves.  I'm doing the three quarter sleeved version.

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