Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not much of a surprise

Well, I just couldn't hack it.  Knitting those socks on that tiny circular needle just about did me in, and after the first couple rows of the main pattern, I switched back to my trusty bamboo DPNs:

Primavera Socks

I'm really happy with the way these are turning out - the colors are giving the very subtle striped effect I was expecting.  In looking up the pattern in my projects on Ravelry, I got a little giggle.  The first time I made these, three years ago, was also the first time I ever used TOFUtsies, and I wasn't too crazy about it then.  But now it is one of my favorite sock yarns, and I'm a little dismayed that I'm having a hard time finding it.  It's easy enough to find online, but none of the LYSs I frequent seem to carry it.  For me, sock yarn is usually an impulse purchase in a yarn shop.  Like the other day, when I bought these:

Mmmmm . . . pink!

We had driven over to Oak Park with Mom, so she could visit the first apartment she ever lived in when she moved to the US in 1956; it's still there!  We ended up getting really hungry, and I found a little place for lunch that just happened to be opposite Knot Just Knits.  Of course, fifteen minutes later, I was walking out with these lovelies.  And Mom walked out with four balls of the same, two in pale blue and two in a lilac purple.

And what was I wearing on my nails as all this was taking place?

Essie Cute as a Button

I'm on day three of this mani - something of a record for me - and it still looks fresh.  I have one tiny little  nick on my right index finger, but it's probably not visible to anyone but me.  This is three coats, and it still isn't completely opaque, but I like it.  A bright, cheerful coral.  It's probably going to get Konaded today . . .

And I'm holding on to a Vera Neumann scarf I acquired recently.  This one probably dates to the mid-1960s.  It has the most adorable border of hand-drawn fringe:

My newest Vera

I'm not quite sure how large my collection is now . . . maybe I should count.


  1. "Cute as a button" is my favorite polish in all of 'agenda-land'!

    I saw a woman at a convention last Fri who had red hair (and pale complexion), who was wearing a coral and cream outfit with aqua blue shoes...You would have loved it! She looked so vintage!

  2. Oh awesome! I wish I'd seen it! What a great color combo!


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