Thursday, May 31, 2012


One of the side trips we made from Freilassing was to Salzburg - a distance of only about 10 km.  We were able to take a bus there - no muss, no fuss!  The day started out hot and sunny, but by late afternoon it started to cloud over.

I took a ton of pictures that day, so I'm just going to spam the place.  I got some really nice pictures of my mom, my aunt and me, but they are both reluctant to share their pictures on the internet, so those will have to be my private treasures.

A beer garden.  Later in the day I had an espresso here!

We spent our time exclusively in the pedestrian Old Town.

We lucked out - admission to Mozart's
Birthplace was free that day!
We saved 21 Euros!

I do not remember what this building is, but it's very pretty.

I was wearing my Traveler Dress that day,
even though it was really too hot for it!

There was a dog show in town that day too.  We saw so many
beautiful dogs.

More pretty signage.

One of many sidewalk cafes.

Plop in the center is the fortress, up on a hill.

Another view of the fortress.

And yet another.

This is a pretty fountain/pool that used to be a watering
hole for horses back in the day.

And here it is with the fortress.

Weiss beer for lunch . . . yummy!
Don't worry - I ate food too!

We didn't eat in this cafe because they really only have
coffee and cake, but isn't it pretty?

And another pedestrian street.

There were lots of street musicians too.
These guys were my favorite, because
they played jazz.


  1. Love these pictures! I'm glad to see your Traveler dress make an appearance!

  2. I love seeing all the photos Gail, what an awesome trip!

  3. Wow - it's so pretty! I haven't seen a huge amount of Germany - I'm loving the yellow building that it was Mozart's house :)

  4. So nice to see you in one of those photos. Lovely to get a visual tour of your travels.

  5. What great pictures. I visited Salzburg when I was 18, it was Vanlentine's Day, snowing lightly and I fell in love (with the city). I'll never forget it!

    1. I went in the winter too, when I was 20. I've always wanted to see it in summer! As magical as it is in winter, I have to admit I prefer it in summer!

  6. Oh, your pictures of Salzburg are fantastic! I really enjoyed the tour, thank you :) And I'm glad you've had such a nice trip.


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