Friday, May 4, 2012


Remember this blouse?  I cut out my second one last weekend and yesterday I finally sewed it up.  Not because I was really in the mood for sewing, but because I was sick of seeing it all over my coffee table.

Butterick 6085, from 1999
size 8

Remember on my first go, I made the size 10 and felt that it was too big.  Right after I finished it, I retraced the pattern for a size 8 so it would be ready when I wanted to make the next one.

Well, it's not too small, but the fit is . . . weird.  I'm still puzzled as to why there are no bust darts (but too lazy to put some in), but the major problem with this blouse is that the armholes are just strange.  Too wide, too deep.  And the sleeve heads have very little ease, which I think makes them hang strangely.  Plus, even with my big arms, the sleeves are too floppy.

So I think I'm done with this pattern.  I'm thinking that the strange fit may be a result of changing tastes in style - after all, this pattern is nearly 15 years old. Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

I also found the collar on this pattern difficult to insert.  Somehow, a separate collar and collar stand is a lot easier for me to deal with.  

I do love the fabric though.  I got it a couple months ago from, and was thinking I'd get some more and make some summer jammies, but when I looked yesterday, they didn't have it any more!  I call it "Lilly Pulitzer Goes to Woodstock." It's cotton voile like my first version, nice and soft.

I thought I had gotten the same buttons  as my first one, only in orange.  But it turns out they're a little different.  Still cute though.

I think the other reason I had so much trouble with this go is that I wasn't really in the mood to sew - I really just wanted to get it out of the way so I could clean the living room and dining room (a.k.a. my sewing room)!  I had SO much trouble with the second sleeve - I had to rip it out and re-do it at least 4 times, and in the end I finally just did part of it by hand.  I hope it holds up in the wash!

But it's done, and while it's not my favorite make, it's wearable.  And luckily, I've got some pink and orange espadrilles that will be just the thing.

In other sewing news, my Traveler Dress is featured on the Lisette blog's Wear Your Style Friday!  Gosh, it's like I'm famous or something!  It was fun to be contacted by Liesl - she's a very sweet and personable lady.

And don't forget that today is the last day to enter the Giveaway if you haven't done so already!


  1. I'm sorry you had such trouble with the pattern Gail, but the fabric really is cute. I hope you find the shoes so you can get some wear out of it!

  2. Oh my gosh, how fun that you're on the Lisette blog!! Yay!!

  3. Don't know what to think about the fit of this one, Gail. We need a gander at how it looks on ya. But sounds like too much hassle with this. But knowing you - - - -

  4. The fabric is really lovely, such a tender color combination and super cute buttons! Hung it looks great to me, I hope it'll be wearable!

  5. Bah - how annoying that the pattern was frustrating. But oh the fabric ... and oh the buttons! Love that you got a shout out over on Lisette's blog! You are famous.

  6. I bet it is a 1990's thing. Funny collars and ballooning shirts and all that :)
    I know what you mean about the sewing thing - not feeling like it. I've been feeling a bit like that this week. I just feel like KNITTING! Doesn't help that my sewing machine is driving by itself from time to time..... weird foot thing going on....

    1. That's how I was last week - all I wanted to do was knit! And my sewing machine is acting up a little too - making a weird ka-chunk, ka-chunk noise. I'm hoping oiling it will fix it!

  7. You are churning out the pieces! Sorry about the funky fit. That's what holds me back on the things I work on...

    The buttons are so cute!


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