Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Miette 13: Sleeve TV!

I spent yesterday making and uploading some movies.  They're pretty long!  If you're not a knitter, you might want to skip this post!


  1. Oh man, these are fantastic. Thank you!

  2. I SAID that there was no end to your talent !!! I am SPEECHLESS (and that is saying something !)

    Thanks for sharing these especially clear vids. You are even bustin a French there I see. V nice.

    I am off back to my own inferior patch now ;-))) xx

    1. Hehehe - obviously I'm not speechless, that's why these turned out so long! LOL! And no inferior person would have made that amazing apple skirt!

  3. You never cease to amaze me. I love your video tutorials!

  4. Wow! You really are such a good teacher :)
    Some bits look quite hard/confusing. But that's always how I see things before I 'get' it. I'll definitely be using this!
    And now I know you knit "continental". I've never tried that! And you're so fast! I'm snail slow :)

  5. Yay for awesome intructional videos! Thanks for this. I will be bookmarking this for when I need them.