Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm a winner!

Over the last few months, I entered and won 3 different vintage pattern giveaways. Andrea over at Invisible Flower had 18 straight days of giveaways in February, for which she gave three patterns each.  I already showed you the first group I won, but I won a second lot from her as well, and never got around to posting it.

Then last month, Leah at Struggle Sews a Straight Seam had a huge giveaway of 14 patterns of mixed decades and sizes, and I won that one too!

So I thought I'd post these mostly one a day while I'm gone, as kind of a place holder so you guys don't forget me!  I could have Hubby guest post for me, but he doesn't really know much about knitting or spinning or sewing . . .  all you'd get from him would be guitars.  This will be more fun!

For today I'll show all three patterns I got from my second win from Andrea, and then starting tomorrow I'll start showing what I got from Leah.


I was so surprised by how modern this one looks.  I have a pair of boots very like the ones the lady on the right is wearing, and I would totally wear  the long version of this cape.


Ah - this is so lovely!  A tiny bit too small for me though, so I'm hoping to get up the guts to try my hand at grading it up someday.  I love the notched neckline.


This one is so interesting.  This is the oldest pattern I own, and while the pieces are beige tissue, they have no markings and are already cut to the shapes of the pattern pieces!  Fascinating!  I really love this dress.


  1. These are so pretty! What a great score! Have a great time with your mom and aunt!!

  2. It's great that so many of these old patterns have survived. Hope you're having a great trip!


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