Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fair Isle Knitting, Part 2

Here is the second video I made yesterday, after I got cut off by the first one.  The mistake I made in this one is right at the beginning - I talk about catching in the grey yarn with the red; it's really the other way around!  The red yarn is the long float and the grey is the working yarn in this case, so I'm catching in the red float to keep it from being too long.  Sorry!  I've said it before and I'll say it again:  Low Budget!


  1. You are brave. I would keep fumbling what I was going to say. I would have to edit a lot.

    1. I don't have any choice, as I don't know how to edit yet!! LOL!

  2. You have such amazing knitting skills! What the heck?! One day I will have the patience for such beautiful knitting.

  3. Great tips Gail. I've done a little fair isle knitting, but have never used this technique.


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