Monday, October 7, 2013

Steam Blocking Knitting, part 2 (video 1)

The first of the videos I shot yesterday:


  1. OOOH another video by Gail day!! Love watching how someone else does it!

    I tend to hold the iron higher and use bursts of steam pretty well the whole time. I find it amazing that you don't even stretch the lace out though. Makes me think I am trying too hard!

    I am a bit chronic with blocking as I go so I can see what I am doing when I knit (and because I love seeing the stitches even out SO much. Heh)

    I was considering getting an iron with one of those water reservoirs that you set the iron on and it refills by itself, just for blocking...but can't really justify the cost or waste of our perfectly good iron (just yet). One day.

    1. Seems like all the days are video days lately, LOL!

      I don't like to do too many bursts of steam only because it makes my thumb hurt!! I have a little arthritis in my hands . . .

      Never heard of that fancy iron before! But it seems to me that whether I spend $20 or $50 on an iron, it only lasts a maximum of 2 years, so I just go with cheapies for the most part. Just got a new one TODAY!

  2. I never thought to steam block rather than wetblock. You do have a nicer iron than me. Ours is a basic, cheap one.

    1. Hubby got me that one, and it died just like all the rest. Well, it's not dead yet, but it's on its way out, so I got another for its impending demise. I can't be without an iron - I do a LOT of ironing!


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