Sunday, November 25, 2012

Purple Polkas

Do polka dots have anything to do with the polka dance?  Which came first?

Anyhooo . . . I did this stamping a while ago to cover up the tip wear I was getting on my mani.  I thought this one was pretty cute!

But the next time I use this stamp, I'd like to try it with two very different colors - like black and white - to give it a more Op Art feel.


  1. I definitely get what you are saying about the Op Art style, it is such a timeless style. I really like how they look with the metallic though.

  2. Love the nude and metallic combo, but I think a highly contrasting combo (especially black and white) will be a very cool look.

  3. So cute!! I would love to try this stamping thing one of these days...

  4. I think this may be one of my favorites!


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