Saturday, July 21, 2012

One more maxi, then a blog break.

The title says it all.  Between my computer dying on me, coming down with the flu this week, and having my niece here, I think I need a little down time.  But before I check out for a week or so, I wanted to show you the fifth (and probably final, but who knows?) maxi I made.

This one is made from a nice, soft faux ikat cotton jersey I ordered from Girl Charlee pretty much immediately after telling myself I wouldn't be making any more maxis.  This one is my favorite of the bunch, even though that brown circle ended up right over my solar plexus.  I did twin needle stitching in hot pink around all the bindings.  Of course, I didn't take a picture of that.  These pix were snapped as I was getting ready to leave for the airport to go pick up Hubby and Niecey-poo.  It was super hot that day, but I knew I'd need the shrug inside the airport.

I have one more maxi you haven't seen yet, and my co-blog project with Alicia to show you when I get back.  There's even some new knitting!  I'm hoping that in a week or so, my nose won't be so red!


  1. love this one, it's definitely my favorite! i'm pretty sure i spied that fabric too... get to feeling better and have fun with your neice!

  2. You look simply gorgeous in this maxi dress! Get better quickly!

  3. I love this one! You had the flu? Too bad, get better soon.

  4. This is gorgeous! I really, really like it! Feel better soon!!

  5. This would be my favorite, too!

  6. Sweet! What a beautiful colour. Enjoy your blog break :)

  7. Maxi dresses are my favorite fashion item of this spring/summer, but never in stores have I seen one that stunning! Fantastic work, Gail! I hope you (and your poor computer) are feeling better soon! I hope you have loads of fun during the visit!

  8. I was beyond upset when my computer died last year. It got me through grad school and I had grown very attached to it. I tried to be more financially responsible (read: cheap) with my replacement and I totally regret it. I'll be getting another Mac when this one bites it.

    Your dress is beautiful! I hope you are able to rest and feel better so that you may enjoy your time with your niece. Aren't you having more family in soon as well? I might be thinking of a different visit.

    1. Wow, what an amazing memory! I'm kind of jealous! Yes, my niece's parents and sister will be joining us in mid-August for a couple weeks. Quite a houseful for a little urban townhouse!

      Yeah, I can't even imagine the cost in frustration if I were to get anything non-Mac. It's been so many years since I've used anything else, I'd have to learn everything all over again!

  9. Thank you for the compliments and well-wishes, everybody! I really appreciate them!

  10. What gorgeous fabric! I hope you have a great week with some R&R!

  11. Now this is SWEET !!!!! and I'm not talking sugary sweet.
    This is THE BEST YET !!!!!
    the shrug is a great cover-up for these a/c'd buildings.


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