Saturday, April 14, 2012

Can't get it out of my head.

I've got to tell you, I've been having a good time writing the Miette posts and bringing you guys useful information for making your sweaters.  But every time I even think the word "information,"  this is what pops into my head:

Have any of you ever seen this show?  I love it, and also the one which precedes it, Danger Man:

Heavy use of rock n' roll harpsichord is a bonus, in my book.


  1. I haven't seen either of these shows, but I've seen the prisoner alluded to in a bunch of pop culture. It looks pretty neat! TV from way back just seems so much cooler....

  2. I've never seen the shows either so thanks for the intro.
    Hope your weekend is going well.

  3. To me, these shows are a really interesting look at the Cold War mindset!

  4. I love English dramas, but only if they are period pieces, like Jane Austin! But these are period pieces too, aren't they? I remember them as a kid but they always seemed kind of scary and sinister. The way the guy says information, I would knuckle under right away.

    1. They are period pieces, and they are also kind of scary and sinister! But also kind of absurd, which I love! And I have to admit to really digging the costuming in The Prisoner - classic '60s!


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