Monday, March 14, 2011

Work Out

Today I went to the gym.

Concept2 Model C and Power Block set

Actually I go every day!  This is our little home gym, in a small space just off our living room (with a door that closes for when company comes over!).  The previous owners used it as an office, and while I'd love to have a home office, a gym is something I use a lot more consistently.  It consists of a Concept2 rower, a Bowflex treadmill and a set of free weights.  These items are among the best purchases we ever made.

This month I've been really stepping up my workouts, and today, despite getting only 4 hours of sleep, I rowed 10K at the fastest pace I've ever done (in a rowing career spanning almost 7 years now).  Then I did some leg work with weights. Later on today I'll do a nice, long yoga practice.

Why all the exercise?  Well, I find that I feel better (physically and mentally) and sleep better when I work out daily.  But I'm also currently in training.  What for?  A few weeks ago, hubby took me here for my birthday:

Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA

And I decided I want to learn to do this:


So I'm going to need to be a lot stronger than I am now!

Chances are I'll lose my enthusiasm for it by the time we make it back there, but for now, it's keeping me motivated!

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