Friday, March 25, 2011

A blast from the past

Here I am in my guest bathroom, showing you a sweater I made ages ago.  No fancy photo-styling today.  In fact, my hair's not even brushed!

Fern, by Kim Hargreaves, Rowan 24

My love for all things Kim Hargreaves goes back a long way.  I probably made this sweater around 1998 or so.  Possibly 1999.  I know I was still teaching Montessori elementary, because I can remember sitting on the futon in my classroom and knitting this during my lunch breaks, and I quit that job in 1999.   

When I made this, it was a little too big, so I didn't really wear it that often.  Now, it fits perfectly, tee hee!  Sometimes a little extra weight isn't that bad a thing!

I knit this with Cynthia Helene Merino DK, which was my very first experience with merino wool.  At that time I thought it was the softest thing I'd ever felt!  Now it feels the tiniest bit coarse to me.  I still love the sweater though.  And that yarn did have a lot of bounce, and great stitch definition.

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