Saturday, March 26, 2011

So In Love

I am so in love with this Konadicure I just did.  It's nothing too fancy, but I love it nonetheless:

Lavender Leopard

Less reflective version

I haven't been having a whole lot of luck with my Konads lately.  BUT I really wanted to do this one today for two reasons.  One is that we're going to a party tonight, and the second is that my BFF is coming to visit me tomorrow (yay!!) and she LOVES anything leopard.  So this is in her honor!

I started with Zoya Caitlin, from the Spring  collection called Intimate.  Zoya describes this color thusly:

Smoky purple-tinged medium gray with smooth, opaque creme finish. Sultry, mysterious and impossibly chic, a shade that will have everyone intrigued.

I really love this color.  I wore it on my birthday - it goes perfectly with my Anthropologie Sugar and Cream Dress.  Then I stamped the leopard design from Konad plate m57 using China Glaze Devotion.  This is one of the chrome colors from the Romantique collection.  I mainly used this because the color coordinates so well with Caitlin - it's a very pale lavender.  But also, chrome colors just stamp so much better than other polishes for me.  So it felt good to redeem myself after the few failed Konad attempts I've had lately using black and white.

I don't believe I own leopard-print anything.  Somehow, I've never felt like it's me.  I love it on other people though.  I like this because it's leopard print, but subtle. Baby steps . . . 

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  1. LOL!!! I didn't see this post until after my visit, but as you predicted I loved your your nails!


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