Thursday, February 7, 2013

More feathers.

This time on my nails!

The other day I decided to try out Zoya Minka - an opaque nude - with the Mentality Holo topcoat I bought a few months ago.  The holo topcoat shows up much better on darker colors, but I still like it on the nude:

It was nice and sunny yesterday, so I took lots of pictures:

This morning I was getting ready to take it off and try something different, but decided instead to use a new stamp I got in December.  This is made by a small, indie stamp designer in Israel.  She calls her line (and blog) Nailz Craze, and this is plate NC01.  (Which looks like it may be out of stock at the moment, of course!  Isn't that always the way?)  It includes butterfly wings in large and small for both right and left hands, a peacock feather and a dandelion, along with some assorted heart motifs. 

I found the quality to be excellent on this stamp, and the price was reasonable.  The shipping took a while from Israel, but the designs are so unique I felt it was worth it.  The images are nice and big, and the plate itself is larger than the Konad and Bundle Monster plates I have.  In fact, the peacock feather is so large that it doesn't fit completely on my large stamper!  I tried to use varying parts of the design and mix it up, but I could stand some practice!  I stamped with Essie No More Film:

Looks nice with the new sock I'm knitting, tease tease!


  1. I am so into nude nails right now, very pretty.

  2. They look gorgeous. I've never tried nail stamping, although I love nail polish, so it's something I could easily be tempted by if I knew where to start!

  3. O_o That stamping is beautiful!!!! I got a set of plates (maybe a brand called Candy?) for Christmas and I need to try them out!

  4. Damn that looks awesome! Really like the color combo and that the pattern looks different on each nail. Can't wait to see the SOCKS!

  5. I love the colors layered together and I think the fact that the peacock feather is not the same on each nail is a better look than 10 perfectly cloned nails.

  6. Darlin' you give yourself such great manicures! The peacock feathers are so fun.

  7. So pretty! I love the feathers! :D


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