Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tailoring Sale Alert!

Hey guys - I'm planning to start the construction posts for the blazer sew-along tomorrow, but I was updating some of the links in the Tailoring Stuffs post and discovered that the Dritz Tailor's Board with Clapper is on sale right now at Wawak for only $23.91!  It's unclear how long this sale is running - it may be for today only, so I wanted to let you all know ASAP.  However, even the regular price at Wawak is pretty good at $29.89.  I truly believe that this is an essential tailoring tool, so if you've been looking for one at a reasonable price, this might be helpful.

And while we're at it - I did update some links on the previous post, but to make things a little easier if you're going to order from Wawak, here are direct links to those products.

Ham - also on sale today at $6.50
Seam Roll
Sleeve Heads
Twill Tape - 36 yards x 1/4"
3" Wigan - 100 yard roll  (not 1,000 yards as the page states)

Wawak also has a lot of different types and thicknesses of shoulder pads.  I'm not going to recommend any particular one because I haven't found a favorite yet, and everyone probably needs a different pad depending on their shoulders.  Search "ladies shoulder pads" for a huge list to scroll through :-)

Edited to add:  I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Wawak - it just happens to be where I got a lot of my stuff :-)

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